Pier 94 - Booth 912
Mar 07 – Mar 10 2019

THE ARMORY SHOW, 2019 Installation view Booth 912

THE ARMORY SHOW, 2019 Installation view Booth 912

THE ARMORY SHOW, 2019 Installation view Booth 912

Imi Knoebel Kartoffelbild 6, 2011 Acrylic / Aluminium 217.5 x 241 x 9 cm

Jesús Rafael Soto Double Andalou, 1968 Mixed media 153 x 153 cm

Anna Dickinson Purple vessel with silver and steel rim, 2019 Cast glass, ground and polished with a solid silver and steel oxidised and lacquered rim 14 x 19 cm

Antonio Calderara Senza titolo, 1975 Oil on panel 27 x 21 cm

Terry Haggerty Surge capacitor, 2017 Acrylic on wood panel 130 x 90 cm

Lajos Kassák Untitled, 1921 Watercolour and ink on paper 31.5 x 26 cm, framed 47 x 39.5 cm

Karl Peter Röhl Abstrakte Komposition, 1922 Gouache and ink on paper 65 x 50 cm, framed 84 x 68 cm

From 7 – 10 March 2019, von Bartha participates for the third time in The Armory Show, New York. The gallery presents a dynamic exchange between three modern artists: Jesús Rafael Soto (Venezuela, 1923 – 2005) László Moholy-Nagy (Hungary, 1895 – 1946) and Antonio Calderara (Italy, 1903 – 1978), and five contemporary artists: Imi Knoebel (Germany, b. 1940), Landon Metz (US, b. 1985), Terry Haggerty (UK, b. 1970), Karim Noureldin (Switzerland, b. 1967) and Anna Dickinson (UK, b. 1961).

Commissioned specifically for the fair, a unique textile work by Noureldin serves as both artwork and decorative object on the floor of the booth. Handwoven in the increasingly rare ‘Panza style’ – a technique unique to a small village community about 40 minutes’ drive from Jaipur, in western India – the work was created in collaboration with Stefan von Bartha.

Glass sculptures by Anna Dickinson indicate the artist’s dedication to craftsmanship, creating exquisite vessels in a range of colours and shapes, often combined with metal or other materials. Highly skilled and attuned to the properties of glass, she perceives and pushes the limitations of the material, blurring the boundaries between glassware, ceramics and sculpture.

A specially curated section of the booth displays works on paper exploring works by artists including Calderara and Moholy-Nagy – a key member of the Bauhaus movement, which marks its centenary year in 2019. These are shown alongside contemporary pieces from artists such as Noureldin, whose design, geometric compositions and fine textures also reflect Calderara’s geometric vocabulary, refined colour palette and precise measurements.

In turn, Haggerty’s recent works oscillate between flat and two dimensional space, as well as positive and negative elements, to convey a dynamic and sculptural appearance – shown here alongside site-specific paintings by Metz, the works similarly explore theoretical approaches to colour, form and surface.

Finally a highlight of the booth is a large work by the leading German artist Imi Knoebel. Known for his theoretical approach to colour, form and surface, Knoebel’s powerful use of colour combinations work to reveal the physical potentialities behind often rudimentary materials. Through a career spanning over 50 years, he has revisited these themes and materials in various pioneering ways.