Beat Zoderer will take part in a group exhibition at Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch, Germany

The exhibition presents works from von Bartha artist Beat Zoderer, alongside pieces from Jacob Dahlgren, Tamás Kaszás, Manuel Knapp, Hans Kotter, Annette Sauermann and Annett Zinsmeister.

“Spatial Miracles: Installations, Spatial Constructions, Light Sculptures” explores various artistic approaches to capturing space, expanding it and shaping it anew. Whilst a number of the participating artists will create site-specific works for the show, others will present sculptural pieces. All the works look to interact in some way with the surrounding space: referencing the museum’s geometrical structure and architectural details, transforming the site, or merging with it.

Located in Waldenbuch, Germany, Museum Ritter was founded by Marli Hoppe-Ritter, co-owner of the RITTER SPORT company. Launched in September 2005, the museum houses the wide-ranging art collection of Hoppe-Ritter; its central theme being the ‘square’. The museum is thus devoted to platforming and communicating the significance of the square as a motif in recent and contemporary art.

Part of the permanent collection of Museum Ritter, Beat Zoderer’s work demonstrates a continued fascination with the concept of the ‘grid’. Eschewing labels, such as concrete or abstract art, Minimal Art, Op Art or the Readymade that are frequently applied to his work, Zoderer’s artistic style is ever evolving and hard to categorise. His exploration of the grid, within the patterns of the works themselves as well as through their holes and negatives spaces, is the only remaining constant in his aesthetic transformations over the past three decades.

Born in Zurich in 1955, Zoderer currently lives and works in Wettingen, Switzerland. In April 2017 he will present a solo exhibition at von Bartha, Basel.