Felipe Mujica in “Circles Without Diameter, Fantasies Without History” at Anna Elle Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

Circles Without Diameter, Fantasies Without History
May 17, 2018–June 10, 2018

Artists: Felipe Mujica, Cristóbal Lehyt, Johanna Unzueta, Cristián Silva, Joe Villablanca, Juan Céspedes, Milena Gröpper

Felipe Mujica (Santiago, Chile, 1974) organized this exhibition with the help and input of the whole group of artists. He studied art at the Universidad Católica de Chile between 1992-1997. Just out of art school he co-founds with Diego Fernández and José Luis Villablanca the artist-run space Galería Chilena (GCH), which operated between 1999 and 2005, first as a nomadic and commercial art gallery and later as a collaborative art project, a curatorial “experiment”. In early 2000 Mujica moved to New York City where he currently lives and works. Parallel and interrelated to his work Mujica has organized and produced many collaborative projects and exhibitions. Since 2008 he has frequently collaborated with Johanna Unzueta in the editing, design, and publishing of artist-books.

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