Felipe Mujica participates in “All Our Secrets” at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje, Slovenia

All Our Secrets
Group show
July 19, 2018–September 23, 2018

Why is it that secrets, and in particular the public performance of secrets, are playing such an important role today? On the one hand, we seem to be driven by a growing desire to exhibit our lives on- and offline, sharing everything from shopping secrets to intimate glimpses of our private selves. On the other hand, our anxieties increase as we become aware of the sheer mass of personal data that is secretly harvested, stored and used on a large scale by states and corporations for purposes we do not know (or consciously ignore). To describe this paradox in more economic terms: as secrets become more and more difficult to keep, they turn into a scarce commodity whose value we systematically deflate by advertising everything we want people to desire and consume in one way or another, from remote holiday resorts to our own life stories, as “secret/s”.

Secrets do not simply exist as fixed entities, but rather in and through communication. They are never just the classified document or the personal experience you don’t want anyone to know about. They consist in the communicative acts of selectively sharing information with others, of limiting or granting access to it. And they are communicated as stories. Sharing a secret means telling a story – and secrets you don’t share are stories that you tell yourself instead (and that your body will blunder out sooner or later).

Thus, secrets function as a mechanism for creating and structuring relations between individuals and groups. They come into being with the other in mind, organising how we are, or are not, together. Thus, looking at the dynamics of keeping or sharing secrets today sheds light on the ways in which our social, economic and political landscapes are created and maintained, or destabilised and reconfigured. All Our Secrets looks at the performativity of secrets, at how we narrate (= make) our past, present and future by the way we deal with and in our secrets, and at how we make our secrets travel in time and space.

More on the exhibition: https://csu.si/en/exhibition/all-our-secrets/

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