Felipe Mujica”Estamos más unidos a lo invisible que a lo visible”, MAMM, Medellín

Estamos más unidos a lo invisible que a lo visible
Solo show
curated by Emiliano Valdés
October 10, 2018–November 12, 2018

On October 10, at the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín (MAMM) inaugurated Estamos más unidos a lo invisible que a lo visible (We are more united to the invisible than to the visible), a solo exhibition of the Chilean artist Felipe Mujica. The artworks exhibited in the Foundations Hall of the museum focus on the production of curtains that Mujica has been developing for more than a decade with Johanna Unzueta and local embroiderers of the places where these have been produced.
Mujica’s curtains, explained the artist, have a direct link with his early artworks: minimalist paintings over walls and panels of chipboard wood. The pieces exhibited at the MAMM usually consist of embroidery intervened by seams, perforations and alterations.

According to the communiqué approached by Die Ecke –gallery that represents the South American artist – the domestic nature and the collaborative aspect during the production processes of Mujica’s works are substantial elements to understand his way of working and his work in general. Likewise, if these forms of production are understood, it is possible to observe in their curtains “affection, friendship and the sense of intimacy as an important role” in them.

Alluding to earliest productions, Estamos más unidos a lo invisible que a lo visible makes a spatial division characteristic of his previous paintings on wooden boards. Thus, as in those works presented in 2005, the objects presented at MAMM organize space such as the museographic objects do with rooms.
The exhibition presents several “families” of curtains developed since 2006. Dialoguing with historical avant-gardes – of particular interest throughout the Chilean artist work -, Mujica manifests an obsession with geometric abstraction, poetry and metaphysical exploration of the world and spaces from a hermeneutic relationship between curtains and those who observe them, circulate around them and manipulate them.

Curated by Emiliano Valdés, MAMM’s chief curator, Estamos más unidos a lo invisible que a lo visible is exhibited in the Foundations Hall of the Colombian museum until November 12th.

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