Gate/Grid by Andrew Bick at Art Parcours Zuoz

Art Parcours Zuoz
Art e Poesias in La Plaiv
Sunday 29 July, 2018

On Sunday 29th July the Plaiv Region will be transformed into an art trail, bringing together local galleries to exhibit alongside permanent and temporary installations and a series of poetry recitals.

For this event, von Bartha will be showcasing Gate/Grid, by Andrew Bick. This work, a grid of powder-coated aluminium, marks the artist’s first venture into sculpture. Inspired by the same grid, a grid changed almost  (but never entirely) beyond recognition, this piece is a result of a string of public commissions, one of which can be seen in London, in Princes Arcade.
Within the gallery space, the work interacts with Bick’s other works, the grid echoed visually by each painting and drawing, a series of ever-changing iterations. When asked how the work translates to a public, outdoor space, Bick discusses the element of chance within his paintings, the inevitable variation of paint, wax and marker scribbles and how this is reflected in the variation of the outside world. There exists a contrast between the structural rigidity of Gate/Grid, the shifting forms Bick’s work and the variable aspects of Gate/Grid’s surroundings that reflects the contradictions in his paintings, which are at once celebratory and critical of constructivist values. But the interaction between this sculpture and the outdoor space is too complex to be defined as merely juxtaposition, for the sculpture itself also has the potential to change and move; to open and fold. These “shifting shapes”[1] that characterise Bick’s work relate to his constant questioning of how we look. As with Gate/Grid, how we view the work is down to perspective.

[1] See von Bartha Report No. 12

Image: Andrew Bick, Gate/Grid, 2018, Powder coated aluminium, 310 x 500 x 60 cm, folded: 310 x 310 x 171 cm

Art Parcours Zuoz
7524 Zuoz

Opening: Sunday 29 July, 2018, 12:00