Karim Noureldin participates in a new group exhibition “When Forms Become Attitude”, curated by Kiki Seiler-Michalitsi at Kunst Raum Riehen

The title “When Forms Become Attitude” refers to the pioneering and, at the time, controversial exhibition “Live in your head: When Attitudes Become Form”, which took place in the spring of 1969 at the Kunsthalle Bern. Curated by the internationally renowned Swiss art historian, artist and curator Harald Szeemann, the exhibition examined the production of new art forms and materials, bringing the artistic process to the fore and challenging notions around a ‘final product’.

The Kunst Raum Riehen’s ‘When Forms Become Attitude’ exhibition uses Szeemann’s ground breaking show as a reference point, and backdrop in which to explore questions surrounding the significance of artistic approach and attitude to "form" today. Such questions take on new meaning and relevance when framed within the context of our globalised, 21 st century society, and in relation to the specific five artists on show.

Located in former 18th and 19th century farmhouse buildings, the Kunst Raum Riehen presents a rotating exhibition programme of contemporary art with a focus on regional artists. Organised by the Commission of Fine Arts of Riehen, discussions, events, lectures, guided tours and other activities related to art and culture also complement the exhibitions.

Born in 1967, Swiss artist Karim Noureldin currently lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland. Noureldin’s practice is rooted in abstract geometric shapes and patterns which he distorts and expands, as if a magnetic force is acting upon them. He works mainly with drawing and site-specific installations, and has recently developed an interest in textiles and the applied arts.