Ricardo Alcaide in “presque rien” at Geukens & De Vil, Antwerp, Belgium

presque rien
Group show
curated by Marie-Paule De Vil & Peter De Meyer
January 20, 2019–March 2, 2019

The idea of ‘(Almost) Nothingness’ has been part of the Western philosophical tradition for many decades. It has found its way through the minds of great thinkers such as Jean-Paul Sartre (penning down the words le néant hante l’être in l’être et le néant) or Friedrich Nietzsche who was exploring Nihilism and its implications for civilization.

However, where Nihilism suggests the denial or lack of belief towards all meaning, this exhibition – on the contrary – aims to reveal the valuable effect of minimalistic interventions and shows how strong the presence is of that what is left behind. During the course of recent art history, the idea of ‘Nothingness’ or ‘Almost Nothingness’ can be traced back to Dadaïst anti-art or the later Minimalism, taking on extreme forms with artists such as Yves Klein presenting his The Void (1958, Iris Clert Gallery Paris), in which he showed nothing more than an empty cabinet in the gallery space.

Presque rien will shed light on the idea of (Almost) Nothingness in the art field today, reuniting artists from different generations, nationalities and disciplines. Where some artists take upon a more formal approach, others access the idea in a conceptual manner. The result is an exhibition that is not merely ‘minimalistic’ in the traditional art historical sense of the word, but one showing a wide and unexpected range of works, including pompous, loud pieces that go hand in hand with subtle ones, or silent meditative works next to humorous and playful ones.

“presque rien” includes works by: Ricardo Alcaide, Carl Andre, Peter De Meyer, Ode de Kort, Luke Diiorio, Matthew Feyld, Julius Heinemann, Istvan Ist Huzjan, Esther Kläs, Alicja Kwade, Nicolas Lamas, Daniel Levine, Bernd Lohaus, Richard Nonas, Jaromir Novotny, Wilfredo Prieto, Gabriel Rico, Ted Stamm,

Dan Van Severen, Johannes Wald, Marthe Wéry

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Image: © We Document Art, 2018

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