von Bartha announces a new exhibition from Venezuelan artist Ricardo Alcaide

Born in Venezuela, Alcaide currently lives and works in Brazil. Having spent much time living in capital cities – including Caracas, London, Madrid and Sao Paulo – he draws upon his experiences of these distinct places to inform his artistic practice.

Heavily influenced by modernist architecture, notably the Latin American Modernist Movement, Alcaide’s work is characterised by a similarly structured, minimal aesthetic. In his two dimensional works, the artist overlays photographs of modernist buildings – often very specific locations – with colourful, abstract shapes. The forms at first appear incongruous with their monochrome background, hinting towards a theme which runs through much of Alcaide’s work – displacement. His documentary – style photographs and abstract paintings, including his 2010 series A Place to Hide, depict those who have been rejected from society, bringing to the fore what is often overlooked. The artist has also created site-specific sculptural works, which physically intervene with spaces to divide and obstruct passers-by, thus reflecting on the social implications of urban planning and ghettoisation.

Alcaide has exhibited internationally, including participation in solo shows Displacement at Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery, Miami (2015), One Phenomena Among Others at Baró Galeria, Sao Paolo (2015) and Incidental Geometry at Project Room-Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York (2014).