von Bartha is pleased to announce representation of Landon Metz, Marianne Eigenheer and The Estate of Adolf Luther

von Bartha is thrilled to announce that the New York based artist Landon Metz will now be represented by the gallery. Born in Phoenix, USA in 1985, Metz is best known for his subtle, evocative paintings composed of sparse biomorphic shapes. His practice revolves around the activity of painting, yet also incorporates the vocabulary of sculpture, installation and performance. The work evokes a visual dynamism and sense of movement through Metz’s use of varying degrees of transparency and opacity, as well as compositional arrangements.

Marianne Eigenheer is also now represented by the gallery. Born in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1945, Eigenheer currently lives and works between Basel and London. Eigenheer’s work examines ways in which personal experience can be explored through repeated meditation of the drawing process. The expressive nature of these gestures hint towards an intimate presence in the works, and embeds Eigenheer’s practice within a history of visual language that speaks about the body. Her work was included in Achille Bonito Oliva and Harald Szeemann’s seminal Venice Biennale exhibition Aperto ’80(1980). Marianne Eigenheer received an honorary professorship from The Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, and is a guest tutor of the Sculpture School at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London.

von Bartha is now also honoured to represent The Estate of Adolf Luther (1912 – 1990). The German artist is best known for his installations that use mirrors, glass, lenses, and lasers to capture light and movement. Associated with Kinetic art as well as ZERO, Luther sought to make a new reality visible, lying beyond the boundaries of perception. His work has been included in seminal exhibitions including ZERO: Countdown to Tomorrow, 1950s – 60s at Guggenheim New York (2014).

We look forward to an exciting programme of international events and exhibitions, which will continue to promote and expand these three distinct artists’ oeuvres. Learn more about the artists represented by von Bartha here.