Industrial Seagrass – A Dance Theatre

Industrial Seagrass – A Dance Theatre

A Dance Theatre at von Bartha

SEPT 8 – SEPT 15, 2018

von Bartha, Basel

INDUSTRIAL SEAGRASS is a dance-theater-piece with the characteristics of an installation, in which one dancer is moving among a mass of 15 other dancers.
She sways between isolation and affiliation. During the attempt of attracting the attention of her environment and determining it to act completely according to her will, she gets tangled in a power struggle.


8./11./13./14./15. September 2018, 20:10

Tickets 28 CHF
Kunstschaffende 20 CHF
Studenten 18 CHF
Gönner Unlimited

Künstlerische Leitung: Sebastian Zuber

Assistenz: Anna Friedrich

Kostüm: Noëmi Szalay

Licht: Mathias Stich

Make-Up: Adelina Arendarska

Musik: Nicola Misic

Video/Foto: Brigitte Fässler

Grafik: Kathrin Grossenbacher

Outside eye: Andreja Kopac



Martina Beraldo
Uwe Brauns
Luan de Lima da Silva
Giulia Di Guardo
Ewa Dziarnowska
Zoe Gyssler
Hella Immler
Gilad Jerusalmy
Gotaute Kalmataviciute
Britt Nielsen
Jan Möllmer
Gieorgij Grzegorz Puchalski
Ilona Salonen
Csenger Szabó
Giulia Tornarolli
Anna Virkkunen

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