Group Show

Group Show

APR 22 2016 – JUN 19 2016

von Bartha, Basel, Schertlingasse

With works by René Magritte, André Breton, Yves Laloy, Man Ray, Marcel Jean, Fiona Benett, Gavin Turk, Leo Copers, Otto Tschumi, Toyen, Joan Brossa, Marc Eemans, Scott King, Hannah Höch, Scottie Wilson, Conroy Maddox, Jindrich Styrsky, Georges Hugnet, Artur Harfaux, Marcel Mariën, Wim Delvoye, Eugene Von Bruechenheim, Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern, Edmund Monsiel, Pierre Molinier, Biel Capllonch, Kurt Seligmann and Victoria Civera

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