Group show

Group show

MARCH 22 – JUNE 21, 2024


The group exhibition, Terravision, presents six artistic positions and borrows its title from the first networked, virtual representation of the earth. Based on satellite images, aerial shots, altitude- and architectural data, Terravision was programmed by a small Berlin startup in 1994 and is hailed as the genesis of the now widely used Google Earth program. Through this new and seamless navigation of a large spatial data environment, Terravision presented us with a wholly new landscape to explore from a vertical viewpoint and offered the possibility to zoom out of the dystopian daily grind, allowing us to freely survey our environments anew, and build a deeper and more personal understanding with mother nature.

The six artists in this exhibition, curated by Mamie Beth Cary, delve into the above research about our planet and offer their own interpretation of the bird’s-eye view, their own mapping, and “earthly” visions. This collective inquiry into

Artists: Emilia Bergmark, Cecilia Germain, Liz Larner, Liu Shiyuan, Laure Prouvost, and Barbara Stauffacher Solomon

Public Opening: Friday, March 22, 2024, 5–7 pm, Copenhagen
Header image: Exhibition view of “Terravision” at von Bartha, Copenhagen

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