Currently in our office, Variant t-s / OGVDS (tree compendium) # 1 by @andrewmbick

For ten years, Andrew Bick has been working with two singular grid structures as a basis for all his drawings and paintings, derived from an initial copy of a painting in 2008. This digitised grid format, consisting mainly of triangular outlines, he then projects onto his canvas. Bick transfers the lines onto the work’s surface, keeping some elements and editing out others. His practice is thus one of constant evolution, with each new work existing as a variation of previous versions. Finally, by incorporating painterly elements into the multi-layered works, the resulting pieces generate interplay between gesture and geometry, rational and irrational processes. This method of reinvention – integral to Bick’s practice – references key influences within the abstract and concrete movements, in particular Paul Klee’s concretised version of nature and Robert Lax’s contemplation of the world through an ordered sequence of words. –

Andrew Bick, Variant t-s / OGVDS (tree compendium) # 1, 2012-2018, Acrylic, pencil, oil paint, watercolour and wax on linen on wood, 135 x 100 x 4 cm –

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