Currently in our office, a selection of Anna Dickinson’s vessels – “As is often the case with sublime elegance, the work looks effortless despite the detailed thought and long hours of labour involved in arriving at this degree of perfection. Forms, colours, textures and the marriage of materials have all been lovingly honed to perfection by head, heart and hand. Anna Dickinson cannot work in a hurry. She deliberates long and hard during each of the many stages involved. The process begins when she takes her notebook full of drawings to Neil Wilkin’s studio. She has worked with this master glass blower for many years and the two have established a rare degree of understanding. Some of the pieces are free blown, others blown into a mould.” – Dan Klein, 2003 –

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1. Anna Dickinson, Beige and Grey Vessel , 2015, Glass, steel, H: 28 cm, W: 26 cm

2. Anna Dickinson, Green Faceted Vessel, 2015, Cast opaque glass with mild steel detail, H: 21 cm, W: 26 cm

3. Anna Dickinson, Black Triangles, 2016, Cast black glass with a solid silver hallmarked liner, H: 17.5 cm, W: 22 cm

4. Anna Dickinson, Red and White Vessel , 2017, Two blown component parts with an oxidised and lacquered mild steel rim, H: 22.5 cm, W: 25 cm –

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