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When Arden Quin arrived in Buenos Aires he was considerably older than the group of artists he associated with, and brought with him a knowledge of Dialectical Materialism and primitive art which informs his early writings and which greatly influenced many artists of his set.

Arden Quin’s philosophy of art is heavily influenced by Joaquín Torres-García, in contrast to the rest of his generation. However, his interest in Dialectical Materialism led to his taking several key concepts and systems from Torres-García and developing them along Marxist lines. Arden Quin’s work from the period shows less of a dogmatic commitment to the purist aesthetic, but in turn a greater freedom to experiment with the elements of art in a more playful way. – Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro –

This essay was first published in the catalogue “Argentina 1920-1994”, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford 1994 –

Image: von Bartha Booth at Art Basel 1990, Installation view, with works by Carmelo Arden Quin, #vonBartha, Basel © von Bartha

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