“At one point in my life, still in Lucerne, I had a very big studio and painted large pictures, and out of lines, out of this tangle of lines, which was there first, animals suddenly emerged, to my own surprise. But these animals, or rather animal forms, were not important to me as animals, but rather, they literally represented my physical state. And so, as animals always are: A reflection of one’s own condition.” – Marianne Eigenheer –

Marianne Eigenheer’s work has its roots in drawing, in which the freely moving line precedes the flat, pictorial dimension. In the 1980s, the important series Bilder zur Lage, of postcard-sized drawings, was created. They are semiabstract forms and “mergers of entirely different beings,” which attain comic-like, erotic associations, symbolic elements and also a great dynamic. At this time, she also painted large canvases, as part of the series Misere des Herzens (Misery of the Heart), with animal silhouettes, human figures and hybrid beings, who seem to float or lie before monochrome backgrounds. –

Image: Marianne Eigenheer, OHNE TITEL, 1984, Acrylic on cotton, 225 x 160 cm, 88 5/8 x 63 in –

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