Now on view at von Bartha Basel: Terry Haggerty – until October 27. –

Haggerty’s practice can be described as predominantly painterly. In fact, for the most part of the last 20 years, the canvas – or, as a substitute, a wooden panel – has been Haggerty’s favored support and starting point for his reflections. On these flawlessly even surfaces – first in the classical rectangular format, later also in the form of the so-called “shaped panels” – Haggerty has created shimmering, captivating compositions with the most reduced means.

His practice explores ambiguous forms, for instance in moments when two-dimensionality is tilting into three-dimensionality. It wants to know where, when, and how abstraction transforms into illusion; where, when and how the hard concreteness of surface, paint and form becomes something else, something that transcends the sheer materiality of these elements: a flickering space.

Text: Dominikus Müller, “Spaces of Spaces”, Terry Haggerty, 2017, von Bartha

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