Last chance this week to visit Christian Andersson’s show “Cache” at Galerie Nordenhake in Stockholm. Last day: Saturday, November 17. –

In the world of computing cache is a component that stores data for future requests. One could say that the cache serves as an immediate excavation, archiving the present and communicating alternative futures.
An analogous use of a short-term history can be traced in Christian Andersson’s new exhibition at Galerie Nordenhake. Here the artist presents a series of works that together make up a montage of fiction in which components of a remote (or perhaps not so remote) past are used to extrapolate a possible distant (or perhaps not so distant) future. –
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Image: Wallpaper with mesh and spiral, 2018, wallpaper, 610 x 329 cm; Disc-shaped object, 2018, parabolic antenna, water, ø 180 cm