Happy birthday to Karim Noureldin, who was born on this day, December 8, in Zürich! “Just a line. Starting with this fine-drawn motif, the artist has developed a colossal body of work over the years that has made its way across both paper and concrete. With the passage of time his practice has indeed come into its own in two perfectly distinct ways while striking out along less traveled paths that feed into each other. On the one hand, his drawing on paper has found its own raison d’être, i.e., it has drawn itself upright, as it were, in an imposing, vertical format and is displayed frozen within a frame that signifies its completion, allowing the sheet of paper to float in the depths that lie behind the glass. On the other, the artist has developed a group of works that are strictly wall bound and in which the design suits the architecture while line counteracts the building’s edges and angles, echoes them, emphasizes them, vigorously breaks them up.” – Karine Tissot, 2015

Karim is currently participating in CONSTRUCTOR, group show at Galerie N-Z, Arendonk, Belgium until December 15, 2018.
Learn more about his work by visiting his artist page on our website – link in bio –

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Images: 1. Karim Noureldin at von Bartha. 2. Play, 2014, Colour pencil on paper, 204 x 164 cm. 3. Play, 2014, colour pencil on paper, 204 x 164 cm. 4. Karim Noureldin. Arka, 2014 I Kunst(Zeug)Haus I Rapperswil-Jona I Solo Show I Photo: Martin Stollenwerk. 5. Karim Noureldin’s studio.