“My work has grown from visual codes linked to geometric abstraction, where the economic devices of image making are simultaneously an historical set of references and a set of creative tools. Also important in my formation has been the practice of collaboration as I constantly intertwine my own work with the work of others through the organization of exhibitions, group projects, publications, and so on. An example would be installations I have produced with fabric panels; which aim to be drawings that occupy space and also curtains that function as space organizers, as temporary walls that canalize the public’s circulation and perception of space as well as the perception of other possible art works in space. In this sense these installations are both an object of contemplation as well as a functional device, they become exhibition design and flexible temporary architecture: they can be used by other artists or curators. These fabric panels also refer directly to avant-garde movements such as Russian Constructivism or the Bauhaus School, as they intend to recover and restage the modernist ideal of democratization of the art object.” – Felipe Mujica

Felipe Mujica will present a solo show at von Bartha, Basel from January 25 to March 9, 2019 .

Image: Felipe Mujica, There Are No More Exotic Countries In Latin America, 2018, “SHOUT FIRE!” group show at Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg, Sweden. Photo: Hendrik Zeitler

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