New York Times just published a feature on SUPERFLEX in connection to their @_desertx installation DIVE IN that has opened February 9th! –

Under the dusty memory of the Coachella Valley lie the imprints of its underwater past: numerous rests of fossilised shells remain testimony of a radical transition from seabed to desert. One hundred miles inland from the Pacific shore, early Spanish settlers discovered these troves of ancient shells, leading them to name the valley Conchilla (“little shell”). This name later mutated to its Anglicisation “Coachella”, thereby erasing the fact that six million years ago, this desert was connected to what is known as the Western Interior Seaway.

Now holding the temporarily status of desert, the valley is quietly awaiting the return of the ocean in recognition of rising water levels caused by global warming. As a meeting point between its certain past and most probable future, SUPERFLEX proposes Dive-in, an architectural installation functioning as drive-in cinema while awaiting to become infrastructure for fish. Using the preferred palette of the Walter and Leonore Annenberg, Palm Springs, and marine polyps, the pink coral-like walls of Dive-In are structures created to serve the needs of both humans and marine creatures.

Dive-In is commissioned by Desert X in collaboration TBA21-Academy. –
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With amazing soundtrack by @iamjonsi @cmvonhausswolff aka #DarkMorph 
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