The simple, essential abstraction of Calderara is an evolution – but in a more lyrical, more irreducibly human key – of the abstract/concrete painting of the 20th century, a certain modernist output (Mondrian and Albers, above all others). His lyricism is composed of the formats, the material thickness of the small panels. The thin, invisible lines, never too definite or assertive. Their tremors and uncertainties. The subdued, delicately impure tones, porous and permeable to their neighbors. The relationships of force (between areas, color fields, etc) that are always potentially swappable, like equivalent possibilities. An atmospheric, landscape-like quality always present in the paintings: like a dense mist laden with light, blurring contours and relationships between things.” – Davide Ferri, Rome, 2013 –

This beautiful late work by Calderara is shown at our Booth @thearmoryshow alongside works by  @anna_dickinson_glass @landonmetz @karim_noureldin #imiknoebel #jesusrafaelsoto #antoniocalderara #landonmetz #karimnoureldin #laszlomoholynagy – visit us at Pier 94 – Booth 912 !

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Images: 1. Antonio Calderara in his studio, Vacagio Ameno

2. Antonio Calderara, Senza titolo, 1975, Oil on panel, 27 x 21 cm