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RICARDO ALCAIDE, SUNSET @vonbartha, S-chanf

Ricardo Alcaide has created a ‘fictionalised’ system out of MDF, made up of a series of seven rectangular units, or (non) shelves.
The artist has removed most of the shelving to create a shallow depth which implies that – like the sunrise’s descent into the horizon – nothing is ever fixed. Reflecting on the process of deterioration, Sunset explores the failure in striving for perfection in an inherently imperfect, and shifting world. Painted in layers of yellows, pinks, purples and blues, it epitomises the notion of a transitory and auspicious moment.
In Sunset, the tactile memories of fictional shelves contained within each unit appear randomly placed, and yet each piece shares one line that, like the horizon, serves to connect and propel the installation forward. In so doing, the installation narrates the ever shifting nature of the connected whole and the impossibility of ever stopping the sun. (Adapted from the text Ricardo Alcaide´s (Impossible) Sunset by Karen Moe)

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