An Outline Taking Shape to Become A Profile

An Outline Taking Shape to Become A Profile

Viewing Room

DEC 10 2021JAN 29 2022


To make our inaugural group exhibition An Outline Taking Shape to Become A Profile in Copenhagen visible to everyone, we have created this online viewing room. Discover works by artists such as Marina Adams, Christian Andersson, Anna Dickinson, Athene Galicidadis, Landon Metz, Mike Meiré, Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, Florian Slotawa and Claudia Wieser.
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An Outline Taking Shape to Become a Profile
Exhibition view
von Bartha, Copenhagen

The debut exhibition titled ‘An outline taking shape to become a profile’ sketches out an eclectic constellation of ten artists shaping the new gallery‘s profile.

The indeterminate is also celebrated in Athene Galiciadis’ works on paper Trouble Rainbow Series (2011/12-ongoing) in which elusive forms and light radiate and flutter through patches of darkness.

Athene Galiciadis
Stillleben (Wildlife), 2021
Oil and acrylic on canvas
140 x 120 cm

95.000 DKK
Anna Dickinson
Construction 2, 2021
Cast glass, cut and polished, steel elements
26 x 26.5 x 26.5 cm

310.000 DKK

For his mixed-media installation Garden Tools (2010) Florian Slotawa engages in a ritual of collecting, both re-painting or re-shaping parts of everyday objects and recontextualising them out from their domestic origins.

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Identities of materials and forms are again challenged and re-framed in Mike Meirés playfully formed sculptural works, their seemingly literal titles modelling hints of humour with a serious message in their titles.

Barbara Stauffacher Solomon
Land(e)scapes (with Karl Friedrich Schinkel), 2012
Mixed media: Pigment print, graphite, goauche, colored pencil, rubber cement
27.9 x 21.6 cm

50.000 DKK

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