Florian Slotawa at von Bartha Insight

Florian Slotawa at von Bartha Insight

JUN 04 2022 – SEP 30 2022

Hotel Volkshaus Basel

For our off-site concept at the lobby of the new Volkshaus Basel Boutique Hotel in the center of Basel, we are presenting a newly installed piece ‘OBI Picasso’ by Florian Slotawa.
The work, which was previously shown at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg, shows a brilliant reinterpretation of Picasso’s famous 1956 work ‘The Bathers’ by using everyday objects to mirror the original.
Florian Slotawa is a conceptual artist who works with sculpture and installation. Rather than creating new objects, the artist rearranges and recontextualises what already exists, so at the core of his work is the idea of intervention.

The von Bartha Insight presentations comprise a series of large vitrines facing into the entrance hall of the hotel and visible from outside the building, showcasing a selection of works by an artist from the gallery’s extensive roster.

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