von Bartha Insight

von Bartha Insight

NOV 25 2020 – FEB 01 2021

Hotel Volkshaus, Basel

On the 25th of November 2020, Swiss gallery von Bartha unveiled von Bartha Insight, an off-site concept at the new Hotel Volkshaus Basel in the centre of Basel. The presentation comprises a series of large vitrines facing into the entrance hall of the hotel and visible from outside the building, showcasing a selection of works by an artist from the gallery’s extensive roster. With new works being shown 4-5 times a year, the inaugural work exhibited at von Bartha Insight is by French artist Bernar Venet. For this presentation, which will be on view until February 2021, Venet’s powerful steel sculptures enters into a dialogue with the hotel’s elegant architecture. Newly renovated by Herzog & de Meuron, Hotel Volkshaus Basel provides a unique off-site location for von Bartha, linking von Bartha’s gallery space to Basel’s inner city. The central location visible to both hotel guests and passers-by presents the opportunity for wider audiences to discover the gallery’s programme. The collaboration between von Bartha and Hotel Volkshaus Basel was forged from the gallery’s close relationship with art collector and co-owner of Hotel Volkshaus Basel, Leopold Weinberg. Following a long-standing history of collaborations between the two, including von Bartha’s presentation of Imaginary Collection at Hotel Helvetia in Zurich, the two parties decided to join forces once again for von Bartha Insight.

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