Florian Slotawa

Customized Logistics

Customized Logistics

Mar 20 – Jun 13 2020

von Bartha, Basel

Von Bartha is pleased to present conceptual artist Florian Slotawa’s third solo exhibition at the gallery, Customized Logistics, from 20 March to 16 May 2020. The exhibition considers a subject that has occupied the artist since his student days: the use and consumption of materials by artists. Slotawa has been working with readymade objects as a sculptural material throughout his career. Initially, he used his own belongings, which he removed from their domestic environment and placed in the gallery space, only to return them to everyday use. Later, found objects were added to this process.

Customized Logistics centres around the artist‘s recent relocation from Berlin to South Tyrol in Northern Italy with his family. Driven by the attraction of unresolved situations and the search for a decision, and taking objects from his daily life as a starting point, Slotawa dedicates himself to the artistic examination of his current life situation and views the move as a caesura in his practice.

Von Bartha celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020 and Customized Logistics will thematically incorporate the gallery’s history by placing Slotawa’s works alongside selected sculptural works by artists from the gallery’s archives including Etienne Beothy, Marianne Eigenheer, and Enio Iommi. These works will enter into a temporary sculptural symbiosis with the complete inventory of Slotawa’s studio, which will be displayed across the full gallery space.



In light of the current situation, and following guidance from the Swiss government, we have taken the decision to temporarily close the gallery.

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