Landon Metz

I Cut The Hairs On My Head Yesterday But…

I Cut The Hairs On My Head Yesterday But…

NOV 16, 2023 – FEB 10, 2024


From November 16, 2023, to February 10, 2024, von Bartha presents I Cut The Hairs On My Head Yesterday But…, a solo exhibition by Landon Metz (*1985). The US-American artist’s practice revolves around philosophical inquiry, most often realized through painting—yet for this exhibition in Basel, the autodidactic artist presents all new work in a six-part installation.

Each piece is composed of a subtle performative gesture, isolated from the periphery of his research into the fundamentals of our experience. Balanced at the intersection of performance, sound, video, photography, poetry, sculpture, and painting, I Cut The Hairs On My Head Yesterday But… is his most intrinsic and intimate work to date, exploring the conceptual foundation beyond medium specificity. Sensitively articulated by the remarkably everyday life in and around his Tribeca studio and home in Brooklyn Heights, he invites the audience to reflect on a grand proposition: the nature of being.

Metz (*1985) lives and works in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York, United States.

Opening: Wednesday, November 15, from 6–8 pm
Header image: Landon Metz, I Organized The Studio Before, 2023

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