Art Genève 2022

Art Genève 2022

MAR 03 2022 – MAR 06 2022

Palexpo SA, Route François-Peyrot 30, 1218 le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland

von Bartha is thrilled to finally return to Art Genève for the 10 year anniversary edition. In the meantime the gallery’s programme has grown to include several new artists and estates, which we look forward to presenting at this year’s booth. New to the programme is Barry Flanagan, who will be represented with a large sculpture, Monument, from 1996.

And new to the contemporary programme are: Bernar Venet, of whom we will show, amongst other works, a shaped canvas painting, Gold saturation with “sheeted”, and both Athene Galiciadis and Francisco Sierra with brand new paintings.

One wall at the booth will be dedicated to works on paper, featuring various artists from the gallery roster.

The booth will give a good insight into what the gallery has been up to for the past two years – established artists such as Imi Knoebel are combined with up-and-coming names, giving for an exciting presentation with splashes of colour and rhythmic movement.

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