Don't miss @superflexstudio at @copenhagen_contemporary - through 30.12.2018 – An orange line of swings weaves through SUPERFLEX’ large-scale installation One Two Three Swing! Where swings are normally made for individual use, SUPERFLEX’ swings are designed for three people to swing together and experience the potential of collaborative participation. With the large-scale installation One Two Three Swing! SUPERFLEX address what they experience as an apparent social apathy, an inability to act in the face of the political, environmental, and economic challenges in our times. In the large metal structure of orange swings winding through Hall 1, we as an audience can experience movement and the power of collective human actions. One Two Three Swing! is both an aesthetic and a conceptual installation engaging with the power of play and the collaborative entities people can create together. The shared experience is embedded within us and may engender new collaborative activities and movements as we go through life. SUPERFLEX see the collective force as a positive energy, potentially capable of changing the course of our lives and thus our future. The work may also trigger reflections on fundamental questions such as democracy, influence, and common citizenship – in that sense, SUPERFLEX’ swings are more than just play. - Images: One Two Three Swing!, 2018, by Superflex, installation view at Copenhagen Contemporary. Photography: Anders Sune Berg - #Superflex #CopenhagenContemporary #CurrentExhibition #OneTwoThreeSwing #ContemporaryArtists #Copenhagen #Denmark #vonBartha #Installation

Today! Art Parcours Zuoz Art e Poesias in La Plaiv – Today the Plaiv Region is transformed into an art trail, bringing together local galleries to exhibit alongside permanent and temporary installations and a series of poetry recitals. For this event, von Bartha is showcasing Gate/Grid, by Andrew Bick. This work, a grid of powder-coated aluminium, marks the artist’s first venture into sculpture. When asked how the work translates to a public, outdoor space, Bick discusses the element of chance within his paintings, the inevitable variation of paint, wax and marker scribbles and how this is reflected in the variation of the outside world. There exists a contrast between the structural rigidity of Gate/Grid, the shifting forms Bick’s work and the variable aspects of Gate/Grid’s surroundings that reflects the contradictions in his paintings, which are at once celebratory and critical of constructivist values. But the interaction between this sculpture and the outdoor space is too complex to be defined as merely juxtaposition, for the sculpture itself also has the potential to change and move; to open and fold. These “shifting shapes” that characterise Bick’s work relate to his constant questioning of how we look. Image: Andrew Bick, Gate/Grid, 2018, Powder coated aluminium, 310 x 500 x 60 cm, folded: 310 x 310 x 171 cm @andrewmbick @art.parcours.zuoz @contemporaryartswitzerland #AndrewBick #vonBartha #GateGridTree #ArtParcoursZuoz #ArtParcours #Zuoz #engadin #Contemporaryart #switzerland