Beat Zoderer


Tony Berlant

Group Show

Group Show

MAR 02 2010 – MAR 06 2010

von Bartha, Collection

Jewellery – a fascination from time immemorial or one could say almost a basic need of men. Jewellery as an expression of joie de vivre and happiness. Jewellery as an important cultural feature of our lives. Jewellery as adornment and beautification of the body. Jewellery has long ago developed into an independent field of art. In the last century jewellery art has undergone a wide-ranging renewal due to the use of new techniques and unconventional materials. Interest in the many different designs of contemporary jewellery has grown considerably in recent years. Today’s jewellery artists often disregard the classic traditional concept of jewellery by using unconventional, nonprecious and perishable materials. With the jewellery collection “The Art To Wear” the curator Margareta von Bartha intends to how jewellery from contemporary international artists. Due to their extraordinary and experimental qualities, the pieces come across as small works of art, “wearable art”. The exclusive objects have been selected and brought together by Margareta von Bartha in order to give a theme to the diverse, individual and multi-faceted ideas of contemporary artists working in a different field, that of jewellery design.  Seven different artists are introduced here who have designed jewellery themselves. These are artists whose work reveal cross-references, similarities of parallels between jewellery design and fine art, artists who have found their artistic creativity in jewellery design as a further form of expression. The artists represented include Arman, Tony Berlant, Pol Bury, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Hand Richter, Bernhard Schobinger and Beat Zoderer.

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