Mike Meiré

Born 1964 in Darmstadt, lives and works in Cologne

His solo and group exhibitions include ideal und alltag (ak Raum, Cologne, 2018), Das Bauhaus #allesistdesign (Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn and Tel Aviv, Museum of Art, Israel, 2016), Outside The Visible (Bartha Contemporary, London, 2016), All we ever wanted was everything, all we ever got was cold (5,26m³, Cologne, 2015), In/Human (MARCO Museum of Contemporary Art, Monterrey, Mexico, 2014), Köln Material (Figge Von Rosen Galerie, Berlin, 2014), Conflicts and Holes (von Bartha, Basel, 2013), Economy of Attention (Bartha Contemporary, London, 2012), and Mortal Life (Installation, Museion Bozen, Italy, 2007). Since 1999, Mike Meiré has been working as Art Director of various international magazines, such as brand eins, 032c and ARCH+ as well as GARAGE and Cahiers D’Art.

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