Ursula Reuter Christiansen

Rose Thorn

Rose Thorn

NOV 4 – DEC 22, 2023


For her solo presentation, Rose Thorn, the Danish-German artist Ursula Reuter Christiansen creates new work, shown in dialog with recent and older drawings, ceramics, and paintings. The selection departs from the idea, that the gallery’s historical limestone building references a small princess castle, overgrown by thorns. The symbolism and the narratives of fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty often inspired Reuter Christiansen to speak about hurdles of life and feminist issues. Thus, for her new show, from November 4 to December 22, 2023, she pulls from her repertoire of depictions of rose thorns, heroines, mythical creatures, and other whimsical characters.
Reuter Christiansen (*1943) lives and works in Møn, Denmark.

Find a survey of the exhibition by Nanna Friis for Artreview Magazine here

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